Communication is Key 

As a leader or manager of a business or NGO, you understand that effective communication is key to successful teams – and that this is not always easy. 

Proactivity, trust and collaboration can get easily blocked in a variety of ways – leading to sub-optimal performance. 

You also know the transformation to a more flexible work place means that focus on the human connection is even more important to keep a sense of belonging and cooperation. 

How we Can Help

We support your teams how to communicate so everyone is able to perform more consistently at their best.

Nonviolent Communication

We focus on needs and the skills of speaking up honestly, empathic listening and conflict handling. 

Solution Focus

We look at what you want, what works already and what steps will move you forward.

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We offer workshops and training programmes that develop interpersonal attitudes and behaviours to allow effective collaboration. 

We adapt our programmes according to your specific needs and constraints. 

Team Coaching

We offer professional and experienced coaches who work with your teams to help them move forward.

Depending on the complexity, coaching might be a one-off meeting or a series of sessions. 

Conflict Management

Using facilitated dialogue, we help you rebuild trust between people and find creative solutions in conflicts. 

We have professional mediators who can intervene directly between the parties or teach you how to do it.

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