Conflict Management

Sometimes conflict is the ‘elephant in the room’, the one thing no one wants to hear about. And no wonder. We usually associate conflicts with violence, aggression, lack of safety, or simply something bad, to be avoided at all costs.

Yet, the reality is that conflicts are a natural part of life, an expression of our diversity in terms of values, beliefs, or perspectives on life. Studies have shown that having unseen or unresolved conflicts can result in a degradation of people’s well-being, due to stress, anxiety, depression, and reduced motivation. This in turn leads to a decrease in productivity and sometimes resignation.

We offer a clear, long tested process of mediation, which brings together the parties in a conflict in a safe space. Here they are guided to hear and truly understand each other’s needs and intentions and thus recreate trust. Once there is trust, people find it natural to come up with their own solutions, that consider all needs (win-win).

Mediation is a 100% voluntary process. We start by having a 1:1 conversation (1 hour) between the mediator and each party involved in the conflict, where the mediator explains the process, clarifies any questions, and hears from each person their expectations and concerns. This is also the time when the person decides whether he/she wants to move ahead with the mediation. If both parties agree, then the three of us meet in a (usually) 2 hours mediation, that ends with a palpable result: an agreement between the two, another mediation or some other form of conclusion.