Maria Stoica

Maria has been learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) since 2017. She is focused on NVC mediation, following her vision for more collaborative, meaningful and creative working environments. She believes that transforming the way we look at and deal with conflicts is a key ingredient to achieve this vision.

She combines her 20 years of experience in the corporate world, working as a business analyst, with the newly acquired mediation skills, to offer support for organizations and teams who are interested to experience and/or learn how to approach conflicts in an open and efficient way.

Maria has worked intensively with some of the most skilled international NVC mediators. In this learning process, she found that the most challenging part has been the inner changes related to her own biases, blockages, and deep beliefs. She can now appreciate more fully the complexity and beauty of human nature.

Over the last few years, Maria has been offering workshops and webinars on mediation and since 2021 she is conducting direct mediations within teams.