Team Coaching

Even at the best of times leading teams is hard because of the complexity, unpredictability and irrationality of human beings. Then there is the constant pressure on results and raising to employees’ and your own expectations around quality of life. And all the time needing to adapt or face external change, while creating and being part of internal change.   The job of the leader has never been more challenging as they try to manage the present with an eye to the future in this rapidly changing business landscape.  Given all these challenges facing team leaders, it is not surprising that many organisations turn to professional coaches to provide personally tailored, external coaching suport. 

Our Team Coaches

We offer highly experienced, mature and professional coaches who have themselves faced the challenges of leading teams.  The job of the coach is to help the team leader identify the areas where they want to make changes in performance and then think through the solutions before committing to action. Typically the coach will ask insightful questions designed to bring new thinking on the situation.  Coaching typically takes place face to face or via video call and takes around 1 hour per session. Depending on the complexity of the topic, a single session might be enough or a series of sessions might be needed to make sustainable change. 

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